This API provides any authenticated user to connect and request specific information.

The system runs off a restful architecture and allows for simple URL construction with results being returned in many formats.


To use the API you will need a specific authorisation token. These are specific to the dealer.

Request api authentication token »

This authorisation token will be used in every request to the API and will be shown throughout this documentation as your_token.

You can test your token easily by going to:

If your token is valid you will get a http status code of 200 and a visual message confirming the dealer key this token is associated with.


The API uses a RESTful structure so all URLs follow a predictable format.

The base URL is:

For more information on REST please read the wikipedia article.

Data Formats

As you see in all the examples we make use of xml as format for the data we return, as its platform and language independent.


Any API error will return a different http status code (generally a 4xx) so please make sure to check this.